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Welcome to the Ezra Thompson Clark Family Organization Website!

Susan, Ezra, and Mary Clark

This site fosters interaction among Ezra T. Clark's thousands of descendants, provides access to Clark family histories, and communicates information about the Ezra T. Clark Family Organization, family reunions, and other activities.

New! Family Reunion 2013:

This year's reunion will be held Saturday, June 15th, 2013. Details here.

Updated 5-31-2013
President David M. Clark
David M. Clark

As we point to the Clark Reunion scheduled for June 15th, I'm reminded of the challenges Ezra, Mary and Susan faced in carving out a legacy for their posterity.

I think of an incident on the trek west wherein Mary handed her little babe to Mother Stevenson and attempted to leap down from the moving wagon to walk alongside her husband. In jumping down, her skirt caught and pitched her beneath the wagon. Ezra saw it unfold and immediately seized the wagon wheel and with divinely aided strength, stopped the wagon before Mary was severely injured or killed. Looking down upon her Ezra remarked, "If you can get up, now would be a good time!"

I think this is a remarkable story. It showed the deep love and affection, yet showed a sense of humor in the face of a calamity. This is not far from situations we face today. If we strive to do our part and more to serve others, Providential assistance can be available to all of us. We can bless the lives of others and in turn be blessed.

I am sorry that the press of business will have me be absent from this year's reunion, but it is my desire that in mingling with our extended family and listen to the presentations, it will underscore the cherished family we share.


David M. Clark, President


Born in Illinois in 1823, Ezra Thompson Clark is one of Utah's most notable pioneers. He is the father of 21 children, 16 of whom have living descendants.

His family joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1835; he was baptized in 1836. The family moved to Missouri where he was a participant in the persecutions heaped upon the Saints during that time.

Leaving Missouri, his family relocated to Iowa where he grew to manhood and eventually married Mary Stevenson. He and his wife Mary had a baby in Lee County, Iowa and then began the trek westward with the pioneers. They arrived in the Salt Lake Valley in 1848, after spending an extra year in Winter Quarters.

They lived two years in the North Canyon area of Bountiful before settling in Farmington where he lived the remainder of his life. He and Mary had 11 children, including two who lived to be over 100 years of age.

Ezra Thompson Clark served five missions for The Church, including a mission to England where he became acquainted with the family of Susan Leggett, who would become his second wife and bear him 10 children.

A noted financier, Ezra was heavily involved in Church, social, political, and family activities his entire life.